International Conference on Cultured Meat

02-12-2018 to 04-12-2018

This year's 4th International Conference on Cultured Meat will be held on December 2-4, 2018 in Maastricht.

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Deadline, November 1, 2018

Registration is open! 
Please note that there are only 250 tickets available.

We hope we will see you in Maastricht this year.


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Dr. - Ing.: 
Jianan Fu

 Dr. -Ing. Jianan Fu is employed as Innovation Manager and Business Development Manager at PAN Biotech, a German company with 30 years experience in cell culture media. He holds a Ph.D in bioprocess engineering from TU Dortmund and a bachlor's degree in medicine. At PAN Biotech he is responsible for the innovation process to deliver strategic solutions for growth, quality and cost management opportunities. He has led the launch of serum replacement and different cell specific serum free culture media products targeting the upcoming tissue engineering and cell therapy market.