Facts about Cultured Meat


  • Cells from a single cow could produce 175 million quarter-pounders. Traditional farming methods would need 440,000 cows

  • Global meat demand estimated to increase by 73% by 2050. But we already use 70% of farm land for livestock

  • Livestock farming for meat is responsible for ~18% of all greenhouse emissions, more than all global transport combined

  • To maximize welfare Cultured Beef uses cells from cows from farms which do not farm intensively

  • The Cultured Beef burger may seem expensive but it would be a lot cheaper when techniques for large-scale production are perfected.

  • It takes 20,000 small strands of Cultured Beef are combined to create one normal sized hamburger

  • Cultured Beef is 100% natural beef, just grown outside the cow. No unnatural chemicals added